Sep 30 2016

Akai S1100 vs. software sampler

Tag: Musicgoeszen @ 9:06 pm

Today I had the brief chance of comparing an AKAI S-1100 hardware sampler with what's become the norm in today's studios, a software sampler, usually in the form of a VSTi or Plugin. In my case, for the software side, I used the free and excellent TX16W sampler plug-in, which is pretty much the software […]

Jan 20 2016

Musical Mimesis - the business of vocal sound-alikes

Tag: Linux,Musicgoeszen @ 6:38 pm

For decades, composers have been battling in and off court about stolen or "borrowed" melodic ideas, patterns or even whole songs. In recent years now, I've been observing a new way of ripping of - or let's say - finding a creative way of making your own profit off from someone else's work. Something that […]

Apr 15 2008

Chris Hülsbeck interview

Tag: Linux,Musictengo @ 9:33 am

A little late though, I was told that German music magazine KEYS has an interview with Chris Hülsbeck (official site), as part of their feature about game scoring and game music in issue February/2008. If you have the chance to get hold of that issue, there is also an interview with composer Alex Pfeffer.

Apr 09 2008

Acceptable in the 80s by Calvin Harris

Tag: Linux,Musictengo @ 11:09 am

Just like The Nightcrawlers' "Push The Feeling On", Calvin Harris' "Acceptable in the 80s" is a hit slowly but steadily gaining momentum. With a first release on vinyl in December 2006, this remarkable piece of Electroclash has developed from being an underground hit to a mainstream phenomenon. How this came across is actually no secret. […]

Apr 07 2008

Top 6 commercial music making software suites

Tag: Linux,Musictengo @ 9:07 am

Cubase: available in various Pro, Prosumer and Lite versions (Cubasis VST 3.0, Cubase SE 3). One of the first software suites available and still the standard in todays producing environments. Logic: initially developed by a small German company, the now Apple owned Cubase-rival was originally a more pattern based sequencer. Today Logic is available as […]

Apr 07 2008

Free music making software

Tag: Linux,Musictengo @ 6:20 am

Let's start this blog as we would start writing a new song (at least in most cases today): by switching on the computer and firing up our music making software of choice. Besides numerous well-established commercial software suites to write, record and mix music, there is a whole slew of free tools available to produce […]